Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chang-e The Moon Goddess~

This is my last thesis piece, its probably the most famous Chinese Goddess of all, her name is Chang-e! We even have a holiday dedicated to her, and its the Moon festival!
So, this goddess lives on the moon with her pet rabbit, and since a rabbit is so small, it would be hard to make it stand out, I decided to draw the rabbit sort of a decorative image on the entire moon. Instead of drawing the goddess on the moon, I drew her flying/floating to the moon.  And again, my thesis is to make all the Chinese traditional goddesses look like superheroes, thats why she is wearing a super tight body suit..yay! 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mother of the Dragons.

Okay...This one took me a while to finish, pretty happy with it for now, maybe some little fixing later on? So, her name is Long Mu, she is the Goddess of the dragons, she raised 5 baby dragons and thought they were snakes at first, but then they kept growing bigger and bigger, and finally became 5 beautiful dragons, and each dragon has their own special powers and duty.